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2020 Étoiles Filantes (Shooting Stars) 流れ星
”エトワール・フィラント(流れ星) “

今シーズンのKEIKO KUROISHI は、太陽の次に地球に近く、夜空でもっとも明るく輝く恒星シリウスと、その光の波長から生まれた世界でたったひとつの「星の音楽(※)」に魅了され、満天の星空からこぼれ落ちるような流れ星をモチーフに、新たなデザインを誕生させました。





SynchNature Sound Art” Sirius“

“Étoiles Filantes (Shooting Stars)”

Enchanted by Sirius – the second closest star to the earth after the sun and the brightest star in the night sky – and by the world’s only “stellar music*” composed with the wavelengths of the starlight, this season’s KEIKO KUROISHI has given birth to a new design adorned with a motif of shooting stars overflowing from the star-studded sky. With its brilliant white-blue radiation in the icy-crisp winter sky, Sirius becomes a part of the formation of the Winter Triangle and the Winter’s Diamond. It rises above the eastern horizon together with the sun around the time of the summer solstice. It’s the star of fertility worshiped as the goddess Isis in ancient Egypt. Guided by those mystic stars, the designer Keiko Kuroishi’s inspiration takes off to a vast expanse of the space, opening an unknown page of the tale – the icon design TANABATA. TANABATA’s unique structure of the “net ornament,” an assembly of Pentagram (Gobosei), resembles the Milky Way. The cutwork of the streams of stars plays a dynamic rhythm and delineates a beautiful zigzag pattern around the hem. It’s this season’s “one piece of magic cloth,” merging the quiet prayer to the stars for a happy and bountiful year and a poppy view of the world filled with fantasy. Let your imagination travel deep into the universe. Enjoy it. *It’s “The Stellar Music and the Stellar Art” born from the real starlight: SynchNature Sound Art “Sirius.” Visit:
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