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2017S/SL'Oliver (The Olive Tree)


今シーズンのKEIKO KUROISHIは、「愛」と「豊かさ」、「平和」や「勝利」などを象徴するオリーブをモチーフに、アイコン「TANABATA」の切り込みデザインを進化させ、優しくまろやかなニューシリーズを誕生させました。





“Olives”―they are the splendor in life of everlasting youth matured under a lot of sunshine along the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea. The name Mediterranean is derived from a Latin word, meaning "in the middle of land."

KEIKO KUROISHI’s motif of this season is an olive tree. Its leaves and fruits symbolize “love” & “exuberance” and “peace” & “victory.” Another evolution in the cut design of the TANABATA icon has given birth to a tender and mild taste in the new series of this season.

Isis, an Egyptian goddess of love and fertility, was credited with bringing olives to ancient Egypt, the “land of the sun”. The athletes in athletic festivals held in Olympia in ancient Greece decorated their heads with olive wreaths as a symbol of victory.

An olive fruit contains drops of life celebrated as “liquid gold” by the epic poet Homer. It is also a symbol of “peace” brought by Noah's ark as a proof of restoration of the world.

With its unchanging quality of art, the TANABATA series has been a long-time seller in museum shops around the world, including MoMA. This season’s organic motif renders an impression of more softness than ever before.

“Happiness will come to you if you find a heart-shaped leaf”―
this legend is also secretly embraced in the design. It’s “a piece of magic cloth,” delivering snug warmth and shimmer of the sun to your heart. Be sure to enjoy this new series!
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