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2018SSBruit des Vagues(波の音)

大いなる自然のリズムからインスピレーションを受けた今シーズンのKEIKO KUROISHI は、 アイコンデザインTANABATAをさらに進化させ、新たな「波」のカタチを生みだしました。

海を茜に染めながら沈む夕日と対をなすように、 ピンクのグラデーションを描く東の空から昇るのは光り輝くまん丸な満月。
穏やかに染み入るようなそのリズムは、 遠く母の胎内で感じていた「安らぎの記憶」をも呼び起こすかのよう――。


"Bruit des Vagues (The Sound of Waves)"

Being inspired by the rhythms of the great nature, KEIKO KUROISHI in this season has evolved her icon design TANABATA into a new form of “the waves.”

The seamless hemlines with a natural finish delineate gentle waves, and the added glory of lamé glisters like delicate fragments of the light tremoring with ripples of the waves. When it is softly tied up and hung down, it gives an impression of a limpid waterfall.

What is rising from a pink gradation of the eastern sky is a whole circle of the lucent full moon, acting as a counterpart to the sun setting into the glowing sea.
And, the ocean charmed by the moon makes the water ripple, which gently resonates with your palpitation.
The serene and infiltrating rhythms of the waves bring back the distant “memories of comfort” you felt in your mother’s womb…

It’s “a piece of magic cloth” with every detail of its colors and shapes filled with gifts from the nature.

Enjoy the season by pampering your imagination with the color of the sky, sound of the ocean waves, and babble of the streams.
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