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2016S/SLes bulles et les vagues

今シーズンのKEIKO KUROISHI は、自然の美しさからインスピレーション受けて生み出した自らのアイコン・デザインを、さらに熟成させ、融合し、新たなデザインとして昇華させました。


自然とともに在る安らぎを託した「1枚の魔法の布」。今シーズンは、宝石のようなフォルムのギフトボックスも御用意しました。 ぜひ、お楽しみください。

Les bulles et les vagues (The Bubbles and the Waves)

Like the Galaxy, or like the fireworks blossoming in the night sky, or like the flare ring of the sun eclipsed by the shadow of the moon…

KEIKO KUROISHI starts this season with enhanced maturity by fusing her signature icons of design engendered from the beauty of nature and elevating them to a new level of design.

The space, the stars and the lights are presented in a myriad of shapes.
They remind one of karesansui, or the Japanese rock garden, which uses sand and rocks to abstractly express the entire beauty of the universe.
The stars glitter in the firmament, the lights are reflected upon the surface of water, and the water pining for the moon raises the waves, releasing an infinite amount of bubbles.
The bubbles on the waves appear and disappear like the clouds floating in the distance.
The sky empties itself with the rainfall on the land.
And the wind streams softly with its gentle strokes across the entire surface of the earth.

It’s “a piece of magic fabric” that embraces peace and comfort of being with nature.
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